Single parents 'could rule the world'

4 month self love, self worth and Abundance mindset bootcamp

I am a single parent and know that it took some deep work to get me to this point today. But in all my self development and training, I realised that many of the programs did not take into account the difference and difficulties that we as single parents experience, we multi task on a whole different level.
I believe single parents are the most resilient, powerful and loving human beings on this planet.

Many of us are living constantly on survival mode, depleted because we give on a profound level, under extreme financial responsibilities, resulting in our needs being put last. Sadly this keeps us trapped in a destructive pattern with the inability to see that there is another way. However, I am here to tell you there is 100% another way.

In this 4 month boot-camp, you will encouraged to take this time to really get to know yourself. A space will be created where you will unlock your creative gifts, passions and talents, love on yourself, build your self worth in order to build a legacy and receive your financial birthright. Success can only be achieved when we see ourselves in others, my mission it to build a tribe that lovingly holds each-other accountable.

What you will learn in these 4months

  • To be a more connected and present parent
  • Learn mindfulness as a family
  • Feel more joy and at peace
  • Learn not to turn to vices ie negative coping strategies
  • Discover how early childhood experiences are keeping you in your limiting beliefs and are responsible for the relationships you attract
  • Understand a scarcity mindset
  • Turn you pain into your passion and find your purpose
  • Acquire the skills to stop people pleasing and procrastinating
  • Face off with unconscious feelings of shame and guilt that attract all the wrong people and experiences
  • Learn to truly love and accept yourself
  • Find your voice and power again
  • Build a single parent tribe that empowers, supports, understands and encourages one another
  • Understand the positive aspects of resilience as a family unit.
  • Find the playful you
  • Sustainability the hardest aspect of life mastery.


This 5 month journey will allow you to find your voice, your self worth and own your power. in this process you will discover your passions and maybe your purpose

What this experience involves

weekly coaching calls

Daily and weekly tasks and activities

Private facebook group

Brutal Accountability

Local catch up’s if possible


Who this is for..

  • Single parents demanding a new life after a painful or destructive marriage
  • Single parents who have experienced some kind of childhood trauma,
  • Single parents who are on the spiritual journey whether beginning or progressive
  • Single parents who know that they are a slave to drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, food
  • Single parents who are feeling stuck in life
  • Single parents who wants to stop feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, fearful
  • Single parents wanting to develop a healthy relationship with themselves and others
  • Courageous Single Parents who what to build a legacy for themselves and their kids

The Life Mastery Method
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