Are you willing to get out of your own way to see a new way?

The 21/2 day Life Mastery Experience, will show you are the cause and effect of your life, what you put in you get back.


Another analogy is the metamorphosis and pain the caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. This experience will show you that you can achieve the unachievable no matter how much pain or adversity you have gone through you can turn yourself into the butterfly.

It will begin to uncover deep hidden limiting beliefs, address unconscious feelings of shame and guilt that are responsible for SO many self-sabotaging patterns and destructive behaviours which ultimately keep us in a self contained prison of fear.

It will unpack why you keep attracting and experiencing negative people and situations

Are you a people pleaser always giving never receiving?
Are you always in control never able to be let people lead?

YOU will understand cause and effect, duality, the effects of trauma and the natural laws of the universe.

it will show you the skills to MASTER YOUR LIFE, professionally and personally


Sadly many have experienced a traumatic childhood, adolescence or adult experiences which have taught us too literally shut down, numb out and close our selves off to deep intimate relationships or check out in many areas of our lives.
Do you want to Literally FEEL again?

  • The life mastery experience workshop will be interactive and experiential.
  • It will be in an environment where you can feel safe to be seen and heard
  • Its foundation is around transformation and empowerment
  • Self reflection, Self actualisation so you can truly feel and become self-determined
  • Using a Multidimensional Awareness and Accountability approach

You Will make Positive Life Changing AND Sustainable Shifts in 21/2 days

Be Your Vision

Is all about understanding how the integration of concisousness, our identity, our immediate environment, our culture.. becomes our human experience
This Reality can be distorted.

Is all about understanding that..

Ask yourself Is the Adult in control or is the wounded child in you controlling your life.

This space allows the adult in us to lead ,,,, to find you joy and contentment

We all have to learn to give from the overflow ..

As soon as we are Brought into the world we are immediately overexposed to our external environment we spend the rest of our lives searching and striving to get to that safe feeling all ways searching out there … always searching for something or someone to make us feel safe loved, wanted and at peace again - the feelings of never feeling good enough, loved enough, rich enough basically just not enough are always knocking at our door - WHY do you think this is?

Remember - Re-Author

The 21/2 day Self Mastery workshop will involve interactive discussions, role plays, accountability challenges and games, mindfulness, self reflective exercise, real life scenarios and more..
it will be intense, confrontational and you will feel vulnerable and out of your comfort zone, however

it will also be a crazy amount of FUN, will bring clarity, allowing you to truly begin the journey of self love, ownership, accountability and SELF MASTERY

You will need to be committed to staying the course and be serious about changing the direction of your life as it will be a powerful nudge, an alignment to a new way of being and thinking

Are you courageous enough to choose and prioritise yourself ?

Each day there will be a variety of different exercises all at different intensities to breakdown and peel away stored memories and behaviours that are no longer serving you. It will allow you to finally create the space where you hear your own true voice


  • Imagine finally letting go past traumas with a forgiving heart
  • Imagine finally finding the courage to be your Brand and build a business that is soul aligned, one that creates positive impact in the world
  • Imagine rebuilding and reconnecting broken relationships
  • Imagine having clarity for all your experiences and having no attachments just acceptance
  • Imagine a life where you can feel whole, accepted, worthy, loved, free, abundant, expansive and peaceful
  • Imagine letting go of vices so you can start to feel the beauty of life
  • Imagine unlocking your full potential by discovering skills, talents and gifts you had no idea were there

Who this is for..

  • Anyone wanting to truly develop into the best version of themselves
  • Single parents demanding a new life
  • Adults who have experienced experienced some kind of  childhood trauma
  • Adult who have experienced a traumatic event and are stuck
  • Adults who are on the spiritual journey whether beginning or progressive
  • Anyone who know that they are a slave to drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, food
  • Anyone who is unhappy in their relationships and job
  • Anyone wanting to develop a deep relationship with themselves and others
  • Anyone who is courageous to accept that they need to make changes in their life

The Life Mastery Method
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