The latest direction and rise in coaching is based around Self Determination. I am a social worker and I have been trained to supporting people in becoming self determined, building your emotional intelligence so you can self actualise and self reflect in order to be self determined, autonomous and in control of your life. I understand and keep up to date with the latest scientific research and continue to train in trauma therapy, coaching and in the deep inner self development and spiritual journey.

I care deeply about people, I know that sometimes you need someone to help you get out of your own way, in order to see a different perspective be held in non-judging and empowering space so you can breakdown, regroup, transform and re-create.. An identity shift for a new way of being.

I come from the belief that love is all there is and I mean this from the space of empowerment, consideration, forgiveness, acceptance and awareness for ourselves and others. I believe that we are all where we are supposed to be at any given time.
Although Sometimes we feel that we have no power or control of our life - but we do and this is where you find personal freedom.

Self Mastery is an ongoing, evolving process which is found when we truly decide to be in control of our life. When we go inward connect intimately with the many complex aspects of ourselves it is life-changing. However, it takes courage to self-actualise and Lovingly facing off with our own BS.

We all need support and advice at certain stages of our lives, this is how we reach our full potential and evolve into the best version of our selves.

I will always be a forever student although I have experienced many different situations that’s have allowed me to see many new perspectives ,

I am a complete advocate and I am ridiculously passionate about the people I coach,

I am relentless in the people I coach
I am radical yet conventional, compassionate yet Brutal
I am empathetic as I have much resilience built in my vortex that I can relate ..YET would never try to say I know how YOU could be feeling.

I have done the deep inner work, and continue to do the deep inner work.

My Mission is to hold space, with brutal honesty, love and integrity that will allow you to transform and continue your journey of self Mastery

I live a life that is aligned with my souls purpose, I am grateful but also know its because I chose to prioritise ME

My mission and my calling is to be your ambassador, cheerleader, your empowerment and transformational leader, coach, strategist. What ever you want to call me.. I AM JUST HEAR TO HELP YOU SEE WHY IS ALREADY THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE. ….Which is powerful beyond belief, extraordinary, worthy, unique. in control, loved, abundant and heard.

How I built my RESILIENCE

I was raised by a single mother my real father died from addiction to drugs and alcohol and my step father was a sexual predator. I experienced multiple traumas where I grew up feeling unworthy, disconnected and inherently bad.

There was no one in my corner encouraging me to live my dreams or reach for the stars, I know without any doubt that the unconscious feelings of guilt and shame held me captive in fear which kept me feeling that I was In a self contained prison.

I grew up with poverty mindset that just reinforced the lack of self worth and self love. The effects of these experiences and feelings were just mirrored back to me in ALL areas of my life


  • What our journey will include
    • Spiritual Social worker
    • Experience working with people with complex trauma
    • Coaching
    • Healing childhood wounds
    • Social ontology and epistemology
    • Narrative therapy approach
    • Bio-Psychosocial Approaches
    • Neuro Linguistic programming
    • Somatic and Primal Work
    • Mindfulness
    • BreathWork
    • Esoteric and Exoteric wisdom
    • Human Behaviour Psychology
    • Movement therapy
    • CBT
    • A kick ass advocate for you to be the best version you can be
    • Over 20 years of self development
    • Finding the playful you
    • Energy Medicine Techniques
  • Imagine…
    • Imagine finally letting go past traumas with a forgiving heart
    • Imagine finally finding the courage to be your Brand and build a business that is soul aligned, one that creates positive impact in this world
    • Imagine rebuilding and reconnecting broken relationships
    • Imagine having clarity for all your experiences and having no attachments just acceptance
    • Imagine a life where you can feel whole, accepted, worthy, loved, free, abundant, expansive and peaceful
    • Imagine letting go of vices so you can start to feel the beauty of life
    • Imagine unlocking your full potential and discovering your hidden talents and gifts ones that you had no idea you were truly capable of
    • Imagine identifying, unleashing, understanding, everything you are capable of being
    • Imagine truly unlocking your full potential by discovering skills, talents and gifts you had no idea were there
  • Accreditations
    • Social Worker/ Counsellor
    • CBT
    • Narrative Therapy Approaches
    • NLP
    • Breathwork
    • Coaching
    • Movement therapy
    • Tantra Practitioner Certificate
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The Life Mastery Method
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